• ACM/IEEE A. Richard Newton Technical Impact Award in Electric Design Automation

    Professor Jason Cong and his former Ph.D. student Dr. Eugene Ding (now with Xilinx) received this year’sACM/IEEE A. Richard Newton Technical Impact Award in Electronic Design Automationat the opening session of the 48th Design Automation Conference. The award was given for “pioneering work on technology mapping for FPGA that has made a significant impact on the FPGA research community and industry,” as evidenced by a paper published at least ten years prior to the award. Prof. Cong and Dr. Ding are honored for their paper “FlowMap: An Optimal Technology Mapping Algorithm for Delay Optimization in Lookup-Table Based FPGA Designs” (IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design, vol 13, no. 1, pp. 1-12,January 1994).

    Posted June 15, 2011

  • A team from UCLA and UIUC has won a Best Paper Award for the collaborative Multilevel Granularity Parallelism Synthesis on FPGAs

    The paper, authored by A. Papakonstantinou, Y. Liang, J. Stratton, K. Gururaj, D. Chen, W. M. Hwu, and J. Cong, was selected out of 120 submissions to the 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines.

    This work (code-named FCUDA-II) offers an advanced modeling and search engine in the multi-granularity parallelism design space to map CUDA kernels to FPGAs. It combines resource/period/latency modeling with a theoretically optimal yet efficient search algorithm to identify the best combination of various parallelism/design parameters in a short period of time. It offers up to 7x speedup in terms of performance compared to the original FCUDA work (which received the Best Paper Award at SASP 2009). The collaboration between researchers from UCLA and UIUC has been very successful.

    Download "Multilevel Granularity Parallelism Synthesis on FPGAs" (PDF)
    Posted May 12, 2011

  • UCLA Newsroom : Engineering entrepreneurs: Taking university research to the public (February 2011)

    AutoESL was founded directly by faculty and graduate students from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. Using the technology licensed from UCLA, AutoESL found a critical niche in developing tools that reduce design time and improve the quality of integrated circuit design, and in less than five years, the company became an acquisition target for Xilinx. "I believe that university spinoffs involving the developers of the original technology are the best way to bridge such gaps." - said by Jason Cong, Chancellor's Professor in computer science at UCLA Engineering and a co-founder of AutoESL, worked with UCLA Engineering graduate students in developing the technology.
    Posted March 7, 2011

  • PhD students Bin Lin and Yi Zou of Prof. Jason Cong in the Computer Science Department won the First Prize of CADathlon @ ICCAD, which took place on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2010 prior to ICCAD'2010

    The Second Prize was shared by two teams from Univ. of Michigan and UC Berkeley.

    About CADathlon @ ICCAD:  In the spirit of the long-running ACM programming contest, the CADathlon challenges students in their CAD knowledge, and their problem solving, programming, and teamwork skills. It serves as an innovative initiative to assist in the development of top students in the EDA field. The contest will provide a platform for SIGDA, academia, and industry to focus attention on the best and brightest of next generation CAD professionals.
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    Posted November 24, 2010

  • IEEE CAS Awards 2010 (July 2010)
    Prof. Jason Cong is the recipient of the 2010 IEEE Circuits and System (CAS) Society Technical Achievement Award. This award honors the individual whose exceptional technical contributions to a field within the scope of the CAS Society have been consistently evident over a period of years. The citation of the award for Prof. Cong reads “For seminal contributions to electronic design automation, especially in FPGA synthesis, VLSI interconnect optimization, and physical design automation”. Prof. Cong received the award at the IEEE International SoC Conference on September 27, 2010.

    For more details, please visit the CAS Newsletter, available online.
    Posted February 14, 2011